InnovoCare is engineered to be used by medical specialists across the board due to its unique modular design. It is currently available for General Medicine, Orthopedics and Pediatrics with more coming on the table in the next few months.

InnovoCare is equipped with unique specialty-specific features.

General Medicine

  1. Record family, personal and past history in the first encounter.
  2. Update General Examination, Chief Complaints, On Examination and Diagnosis for every encounter quickly using predefined templates.
  3. Easily view the General Examination history for all encounters in a single click.
  4. View family, personal and past history in one single screen.
  5. Record general remarks and allergies.
  6. Create FDA prescribed formatted prescriptions quickly using the prescription manager.
  7. View prescription of last encounter in the patient record for ongoing encounter.
  8. Enables Front Office updates of investigation results through separate screen.


  1. Update delivery type, date of birth and birth weight at first encounter.
  2. Facility of vitals entry by front office to increase patient turnover.
  3. See history of vitals progress.
  4. Vaccination schedule automatically created at first encounter.
  5. Enter chief complaints / OE and diagnosis / investigations for every encounter quickly using predefined templates.
  6. Set well-being alerts and milestones.
  7. Record general remarks and allergies.
  8. Give general and medicine instructions in 20 Indian language scripts.
  9. Enter fees / vaccination amounts to be collected by Front Office.
  10. Create prescriptions in not more than a few minutes as per FDA prescribed formats.
  11. Mobile application for parents giving appointment, medicine and vaccination alerts and record of all the encounters with the pediatrician.


  1. Micro specialty variants in shoulder / spine / knee and general orthopedics available.
  2. Pull ROM and UCLA scores including surgery, investigation and X-ray from master templates for updating patient records.
  3. Pre-fed surgery, investigation and X-ray templates for easy update of records.
  4. Update operation details and notes with minimum clicks and data entry.
  5. Send auto appointment and scheduled investigation alerts by SMS and email.