• InnovoCare Features

InnovoCare is a user-friendly, feature-packed solution that offers superior performance and reliability.

Front Office

  1. Schedule clinic-wise, doctor wise appointments per time slot.
  2. Update incoming patient status with a single click ‘Check-in’ process.
  3. “Check-out” patients and update fee collection, again on a single click.
  4. Automatic ‘No Show’ indicator for absent patients.
  5. Easily reschedule or cancel appointments




  1. Micro specialty-specific patient record formats
  2. Access patient history through a single screen instantly.
  3. Pre-fed master templates for minimum data entry effort.
  4. Generate quick prescriptions through the prescription manager.
  5. In-application facility to store and retrieve patient-wise digital X-Ray/CT/MRI/Ultrasound / files using doctor’s personal Google drive account.
  6. Send appointment and other important alerts by SMS or e-mail alerts from iPad/iPhone / Android apps to patients.
  7. Update operation notes using pre-fed templates.
  8. Update patient records after phone/e-mail consultations from iPad/Android app.
  9. Generate daily reports and tally fee collections at end of each day.
  10. Access and update patient records 24x7x365 from iPad/iPhone /Android apps.

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