Managing Apointments


Managing Prescriptions

  • Enhance productivity!
  • Boost efficiency!

Big or small, InnovoCare is configured to give you the smart edge in managing your clinical practice the innovative way.
Using cutting-edge technology backed by real-time cloud computing, InnovoCare eliminates the need for repetitive tasks, cumbersome paperwork, and scheduling hassles.

EMR: The only way forward

The only way forward for the medical fraternity is EMR (Electronic Medical Records). InnovoCare keeps EMR of patients visiting your clinic enabling you to run analyses to sharpen your medical insight.

Multilingual: Speak the tongue

One of InnovoCare’s greatest strength is its ability to disseminate prescription instructions in 20 Indian languages. With language barrier removed, this makes easier for patients to follow the instructions in vernacular.

Anytime, Anywhere: Cloud-based

Unique data cloud gives you the access to your data anytime, anywhere!

Portability: Data on the go!

InnovoCare’s mobile computing aspect and cross-platform availability ensures high performance over Desktop, Android, and iOS. Work from any mobile device, anytime, from anywhere without an internet connection! Synchronize data with the InnovoCare cloud once connected.

Prescriptions: In a jiffy!

With FDA regulations requiring prescriptions to carry generic along with brand names and in capital letters, InnovoCare simplifies writing prescriptions!
Its unique prescription manager allows you the comfort of simply searching the database by brand names and printing the generic as well as brand name in the final prescription! All of this at the click of a button!

Some Additional Benefits:

  1. No capital expenditure on expensive hardware like servers. All you need is an internet enabled desktop/laptop and you are set.
  2. Easy to use interface: Hassle free operation from Firefox / Chrome browsers.
  3. No installation or data backup worries.
  4. Plug-and-Play software!: Start using software within hours if you want to use the existing templates.