• Can I try using InnovoCare before investing in the onetime license?

    We also provide InnovoCare on a monthly usage fee. All you have to do is contact us, and we will configure your clinic on the system, train you on the system in a few hours. If you want to cross over to the life time license anytime, we will give you a whopping 40% discount on the prevailing list price.
  • Why is InnovoCare cloud based?

    InnovoCare has embraced cloud computing with gusto since it has become the need of times. All intelligent businesses are now moving to a cloud based architecture. The paradigm is now about keeping data and applications in a central place and access it from wherever you are.
  • What are the advantages of a cloud based approach?

    The cloud gives you freedom from incurring heavy capital expenditures of hardware, 24×7 power conditioning & internet connectivity, infrastructure support, fail over mechanisms besides the obvious advantage of access to data 24×7 from any location.
  • What about data security?

    InnovoCare is housed in physically secure data centres with automatic access control systems. With real-time database mirroring your data is safe from potential hardware failures.
  • Will you migrate my legacy data?

    Leave that headache to us. Our team on the ground will do the needful to migrate your data. You will need to help them with the database structure of your existing data and we are through.
  • How easy will it be to train my staff and juniors?

    InnovoCare is so easy to use that every individual will not take more than one hour to get trained on how to use the application.
  • Is there online help available?

    We have detailed screen to screen video help that will answer 99% of your queries. For the remaining 1% please drop in an email and we promise a reply in 30 minutes during working hours.
  • How do I get access to the latest upgrades?

    Well, once you have signed up, you are as good as the latest customer. All the updates are available to you as they are released.
  • Do you have predefined data templates?

    Yes. That is at the very core of our product development philosophy. Content populated templates will be provided according to the speciality that you have signed up for. Complaints, Symptoms, Clinical Findings, Vitals, Standard Prescriptions, Investigations, etc are some of the templates that we provide by default. It does not stop you from having your own content populated in those templates.
  • Do you provide for Vernacular Prescriptions?

    Now that is the most talked about innovation of InnovoCare! You can write prescriptions (except drug names) in 20 Indian languages. That is not all! As a doctor, you have to select instructions in English; InnovoCare will automatically pick up the language assigned to the patient and print in the vernacular from the template. A small effort to design instruction (medicine / special ) at the outset prints your vernacular prescriptions in a jiffy!